The Perseids

The one and only photo I took during the meteor shower. It is made with Nikon D90 and 50mm 1.8, so it’s not that good. Next time I will get a remote control and will shoot long-time exposure, capturing the moving of the Earth :)

perseidi_cosmic_photoIt’s the Milky Way, ladies and gentlemen!


Fifty ways to die

I am huge fan of George R. R. Martin’s Song of Ice and Fire and the TV Show Game of Thrones. Sadly, the new book isn’t ready and out yet, the new season of the tv show will be done and aired the next year and I am left with nothing but… having fun with my HBO figurines of The Hound and Ned Stark :)

Inspired by the Peter Chiykowski’s comic I decided to make a fun series “Fifty ways to die” that will represent the many ways Sean Bean/Ned Stark died/can die (in movies, of course). Black humor, what can I say… Please note – it is all for fun!

1. Death from falling! (with the help of the Hound)

fifty ways to die mysummerwine

fifty ways to die series mysummerwine


And remember:

sean bean

DIY shirt with black ribbon

This is my first DIY project, so I apologize in advance for the quality of the photos… and the look of the t-shirt :) I hope you like it, I intend to do more do-it-yourself things and to get better and better at that. The t-shirt is suitable for more casual look. So, here it is.

You need:

  • White cotton t-shirt
  • Black ribbon (approx 3 m. lenght)
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Optional – needle and thread

Just cut 2-3 holes at the top in a form and size you like (I chose three rectangles), then decide how many loops would you like to have for your ribbon and cut the loops in the t-shirt (my cuts are every 6 cm.). The width of the loop must be equal to the width of the ribbon. Slip the ribbon through the loops twice and then when you put on the t-shirt just tie the ribbon and make a bow.

diy_shirt diy_shirt_1 diy_shirt_2 diy_shirt_3 diy_shirt_last diy_shirt_6 city_centre_3 city_centre-2 asos_watch


Top | Valentino inspired DIY

Red Jeans | Levi’s

Leather hobo bag | Zara

Kitty Flats | Charlotte Olympia

White leather watch | ASOS

I got the blue(s) (and some Sex and the City trashing)

Topshop blue skirt outfitTopshop blue skirt outfit


In the heat of the Summer, we spotted the first tree with yellow and orange leaves, evidence of the coming Fall. I often dream of a never ending Spring-Summer season, never liked the Winter and along with it – the Autumn. No more floaty skirts, no more tank tops. I think I should move somewhere around the Tropics. :)

topshop_skirt_1_ Topshop blue skirt outfit Topshop blue skirt outfit Topshop blue skirt outfit

I have that blue Topshop skirt for a long time now, but like many other clothes in my closet – I never got to wear it. Every time it’s the same – my wardrobe is full and yet, I don’t have anything to wear. That’s just because I’m too lazy to pick an outfit and match it.

And something off-topic: I’m conducting a social experiment for myself. I’m watching Sex and the City finally. Yep, I never ever watched it before :) Now, in my mid-twenties, I want to understand why every girl likes it so much. For now – I haven’t found the reason. Seriously, I think this is the most ridiculous TV show EVER! Imagine the male version of that: 4 guys, sitting in bars all the time, talking about the new must-have Ferrari and how they love, just looovee it! Then, discuss their latest one-night stands in excruciating and humiliating (for the girls) detail, joke about it and laugh. And, of course, sleep with every girl in New York and then wonder if they can become good parents. If that was the case, everyone who watched that show would call them pigs and the girls would be offended. But I guess when women do the same, it’s ok. Double standarts. It’s just not fair.

I’m starting to think that I am not a woman, because honestly – sometimes I can not understand other members of my species.

DSC_75611_ Danube river Danube river scenery DSC_7577_ DSC_7587_ DSC_7569_ DSC_7594_ DSC_7590_ DSC_7588_

Blue pleated skirt | Topshop

Sunglasses | Versace

Black leather bag | H&M

Off-white heels | Stepcare